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Initial Coin Offering Listing Script !

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Provide a way to discover top quality ICO for your Visitors!

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Tech Veeber provides you the Cryptocurrency ICO MONITOR SCRIPT with highlighted and upgraded features with affordable price. We emphathized as a Customer, gathered latest functionalities and possibilities to you. We Whistle a different Tune.

Dedicated Team to Support

We stick to the quote CUSTOMERS are the KINGS! Our dedicated team provides you best service in updation as well as in assistance.

To the Customers, We are the Company

We are ready to work for your idea too. Do you need to make your site unique from other ICO listing script? Have IDEAS? We are ready to work on it!
You can test our Abilities! You can trust our works!

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Just because something is unique doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hesitate to try.
Lets rock and roll our ICO Lister demo!

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Sophisticated Witty and convenient Lister Script !

Provide a way to discover top quality ICO for your Visitors!

Localization Ready

Tech Veeber Provides you the opportunity to make the script a universal product which is used by people from all over the world. Tech Veeber ICO Monitor software is fully translatable to any language, which makes your website globally.

Different Plans! Different Price!

Price is what you pay! Value is what you get! We stick to Pricing is all about customer value. With Tech Veeber ICO Directory Script you can add multiple pricing plans for the listing. Create packages of your choice from the backend with easy to use admin panel.

Multiple Gateways

Tech Veeber Initial coin offering listing script is compatible with most widely used payment gateway like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bankwire, Skrill, Paypal etc.,. With these payment gateways, you can receive payments at ease

Everything Under single Roof!

Tech Veeber provides you the facility to see all activities in one notification Dashboard. It also keeps you updated about new activities by sending notification emails.

Email Templates

Tech Veeber ICO Listing software comes with custom email templates where admin can set email alerts for users. Whenever a new activity is generated, the user is notified through email notification. You can configure SMTP infrastructure of the system.

Charge Fees for submissions

Our Lister Script offers incredible feature to earn money from your website using membership packages that will boost your financial status for sure.

Free Listing Creations

Free Listing is a big break from complicated campaign methods and let Directory script users post their listings in a few clicks! That’s all!

Offering listings with expiry date

Listing ICO with its expire date is an evident handy feature of our script that keeps admin away from the hustle of manual deletions. A lot more!

Rating & ReVIEW System

Tech Veeber script provides you a clear image of the business and can take it up to the standard heights as expected by any corporate business owner.

Advanced filtering using criteria

Another super awesome feature to sort listings by relevance, Newest, highest price, lowest price, highest rated and most viewed criteria that makes smooth experience for user beyond imagination.

Geo Based Search Area

Need convenient and refined search options? Tech Veeber brings you the options to search listings according to your choice of a specific location.


Knowledge is having the right Answers! Intelligence is asking the right question! Just add questions and their corresponding answers with minimum effort to facilitate your client hunt

SEO Friendly URLs

It's much easier to grow your business by getting more traffic than by playing with your conversion rate. Tech Veeber built this site with configurations and features that will bring easy for every search engine to crawl and understand. Be the main priority using Tech Veeber DIRECTORY script with awesome search engine friendly URLs feature.

Fully Responsive

Our ICO Directory Script is fully responsive to look perfect on all desktops, mobile and tablets. So users can quickly navigate to the information they are seeking. Your website would be Great for user experience indeed!

Connect with Listing Ownere’s

Contacting listing members can never be such easy! Unique feature of internal messaging system. The user can contact listing owner. They can communicate with each other through smooth, super-fast internal messaging system. User may contact listing organizer either via email, phone or message to obtain efficient business solutions.

Google Recaptcha and Google 2fa

Tech Veeber provides safety to Script by preventing spam, abuse and unauthorized login to user account using Google Recaptcha and Google 2 factor Authentication.

Ease to setup

Our Scripts are easy to set up and also we will do installation services.

Social Profiles

You can link multiple social links with the site. You can link Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Google+.

Outstanding support

We provide best Support for all clients of Tech Veeber. Our Specialized team will assist you in every path

Login Attempt Control

Tech Veeber keeps your site from brute forcing by hackers and different automatic scripts blocking them for one and more hours and protecting sensitive data of your users for admin and user interfaces

Tracking System-Transaction Details

Every payment that is due and presents you a detailed report. You can track payments and processes for any items your users have uploaded to your system. Also you can pull the details as pdf, doc.

Guide to Setup

Our team will provide you guide which make you to quickly setup the system. Provide you the steps to set up every function and features. You can review our easy-to-understand documentation with step-by-step setup description online.

Responsive Templates

To keep up with the latest IT trends, we offer you Responsive Templates, a fully responsive flat design built based on html5 and css3 The theme is built on our robust MVC framework that means that HTML design is completely separated from other PHP. Making updates can be easier.

User Approval

We can bring certain functionalities of users to bring under the control of the admin. Admin Approval Plays a vital role. Also we can make it automated.

Mass Mailer

Our Script offer you a solid manager with an html editor allowing you to send newsletters to subscribers and bulk emails to site users.


Tech Veeber ICO Analyzer allows every user to gain smart decision, Higher trust and Better ranking. Depicts the details of publishing status, rating, token published etc.,


Statistics are the pliable thing that depicts the truth. Tech Veeber provides you the opportunity to display statistics on the basis of different stream. Based on countries, sold tokens, different industries, also based on the growth of your site.

Transparent Pricing! No Surprises!

Tech Veeber Provides you a Great Business at a Fair Price! We are more customer-centric.
No hidden charges! We value your Money.

ICO Lister Script

599 USDIncluded
  • Single Domain License
  • Lifetime License
  • 1 Month Technical Support
  • 1 Minute Setup
  • Free Branding Removal
  • Professional Support
  • Detailed Documentation

Having a Mobile Responsive website is Mind Blowing!

  • Auto responsive designs
  • State of the Art technology
  • Get a Global Attraction
  • User Friendly at every tap

Well Documented

Wanna know nook and corner of our script! Tech Veeber provides you the deep dug manual to set up your site. Provide you the steps to set up every function and features.