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Multiple Currency

Tech Veeber Hyip Scrip is currently available in multiple currencies from around the world.You can display rates in different currencies and allow the members to complete the payment in the currency of their choice.This enables you to do transactions and maintain your data in multiple currencies.

Tell a Friend

As every investor of the site are generated with a unique referral link, they can share this link to their friend and when they register with that link to the site, the investor will be receiving the referral commission. And this will make a healthy business. This indirectly promotes your website too


Each time a deposit/withdrawal is placed, you receive a notification in real time on your desktop or smartphone. You review the order and your customer instantly gets back your confirmation. This is technology at its best, for maximum client satisfaction.


We ensure you peace of mind with advanced encryption technology, secured payment gateways, 256-bit Secure Socket Layers, Password protection and encrypted communications between you (website) and your customers!

Google Analytics

Built in Google Analytics for your website to track your traffic. You just need to enter your Account Id in the Admin panel, the script will automatically include the Google Analytics code in all the pages.


Marketing Tools

It is the feature for the promotion of the website. The hyip script lets you to promote your site in maximum ways. Simply, you can copy the HTML banner link and paste it to the website, when an user clicks the banner, it redirects to the actual website.

News Letter

A newsletter is that the admin can send to one or more users of the site about the official updates. It has the text editor tools that the admin can design his letters and send to various users. This will be received to each user's email ID. The admin can select the category of users to send the according messages.

SMTP Settings

Tech Veeber allows you to set SMTP settings. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. When you enable SMTP settings then all emails sent through your website will be sent through your mail server.


Bonus Penalty

Get to set the interesting bonus plans for your business. These bonus plans buoy up the investors to work more. The admin has the right even to ask for penalty when he is not likely to abide by the company's rules. Our best hyip script makes you feel the complete business with its desirable features.

Mass Payment

Managing Multi payout is easier with Mass Payments. Mass Payment makes it simple to distribute thousands of payments at once you no need to pay customers in bulk. In Tech Veeber Hyip Script you have ability to distribute Mass Payment to customers for each payment gateway. When you are ready to payout commissions just select payment gateway and click the pay button to process it.


Import/Export Data

We’ve made it very easy to import your existing data or export your customer data at any time. The Import/Export Data option will be displayed only to the administrator and not for subadmin users. You can import data using either .xls, .csv, .tsv files to get all your data into your website.


Maintenance Mode

Now you can postpone registrations on your website while you configure or update your website.This means you’ll be able to access admin control panel backend as normal, but regular members can not access front end website.


Email Templates

Email Templates allow you to customize email headers of our Bitcoin Mining HYIP Script such as from name, from email address and email message for future use. You can even make tweaks each time you use it. Your customized email only will be sending to each user when each process takes place like deposits, register etc...

Site Settings

Site Settings

Site Settings, allow you to edit the information that will show up when your site is accessed. The first field, site name, will appear on your header tab when users access your site. The HYIP site settings option allows you to place your logo, site started date and site URL of your webpage

Variable interest

Variable interest

As an admin, you have the right to periodically set your plan's interest rate. This interest will be changing at the specified time. This different interest rate should be set up during the project development.

MVC Framework

Tech Veeber Hyip Script is a full featured Bitcoin Investment script,it’s well written in fastest growing Model View Controller (MVC) Frameworks. It enables you to quickly get started with a new Investment website without wasting time. Web design is fully automated and does not need knowledge of programming languages. Multi-level user access and it fully customized.


Multiple Package

Our HYIP script allows you to setup an assortment of plans hourly, daily, Bi-weekly, Bi-Yearly, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Each plan differs from each other with various types of withdrawal, minimum and maximum amounts and type of plan. A plan created can be deleted or added or modified according to the current business strategies.


Multiple Payment Gateway

More than 15 payment gateway options to choose your users to make payments such as Perfect Money, Payeer, Skrill, Bitcoin, Payza, HD Money, Bank wire, Okpay, Okpay, Web money etc.. Additionally, we are open to establish more payment gateway interface as well, contact us if your preferred payment portal is not available in our existing list.



Today, there is a huge competition on the invention of technologies and number of smartphones come to the market are increasing. We ensures your website looks sharp on high resolution devices and utilises HTML5, CSS3, and icon fonts that don’t distort with larger resolutions displays. It will increase the opportunity to visit your website again and it turns your income high.



As an Admin, you offer users the freedom to single out from a wide variety of saving plans. You have down pat of what the user requires. So, You incorporate the major payment gateway. For the user, depositing money is a simple process. It will only take a few more minutes. Just choose a Payment method, Plan and Amount user hanker to deposit. Once user parlays payment walkover, promptly users deposit metamorphosis active.



CMS Complete backend content management available. You can create unlimited pages to the website directly from the admin panel using the CMS. Assign new pages to the header Menu or Footer Menu as per your wish. Manage the website structure - add new pages, rename or delete the current ones and use the WYSIWYG editor to modify the page content. You can include unlimited No.of images in the description using WYSIWYG editor. You can also choose whether the page be visible in public pages are not.


Instant Withdrawal

Tech Veeber Hyip Script Offers fabulous feature - Instant Withdrawal through which you can allow your members to withdraw their earnings instantly to their selected payment gateway account with an single click.. no members have to wait for long days to receive their money.

User Management

With this feature, business administrators have access to a flexible and scalable solution to manage users.

  • Create User : This will take you to the “new user wizard” page where you will be prompted to enter the user
  • When a new user is created they will optionally be sent an email with their new login and password
  • Edit User : At any time, you can modify a user’s profile.
  • Delete User When you suspend a user, he is blocked from website and won’t be able to log in.
  • Export:You can "Export" users to a csv/excel file.
  • Reset Password:Admin can reset the user's password
  • Profile:Admin can view each user profile information , Referral , History , Logs and check any reports.

Unlimited Role Management

Role management helps you manage authorization, which enables you to specify the resources that sub admin users in your website are allowed to access. For example, you may have a login created for your Webmaster and you need to restrict them from accessing your customer's information. Alternately, you may want your sales staff to have access to customers and orders, but not to design aspects of the site.

SEO Settings

Tech Veeber Bitcoin Script has several built-in SEO features that can be configured with just the click of a mouse. The websites you build with the Tech Veeber investment software enable easy SEO (search engine optimization). Set Meta tags , Keywords , descriptions, alt tags and more so visitors find your sites quickly and easily.


Various Reports to keep track

With our Bitcoin HYIP script you can keep a track of your revenue, referrals , bonus and payouts by various reports, such as, by specified month/year, by payment gateway, by Users, by user status and by min and max amount. Tech Veeber Hyip Script transactions report offers a unique opportunity to receive instant summarized reports of revenue data as an XML, CSV or PDF.

Various Reports to keep track

QR Codes

We know that QR Codes can be a great tool as well. That's why we have integrated the QR Codes in the Bitcoin deposits section. You will be able to scan (QR Code) in a go and then take actions like deposit. This is going to make your deposit process much simpler.

QR Codes

Multiple Language

Get the language freedom with Tech Veeber Hyip Script multilingual support for your customers. RTL & LTR Both version available with editable option.You can have a complete multi language site with any number of languages you want for the user. Our system has a fully integrated multilanguage solution, this means that any static text can be changed.

Fund Transfer

An exciting feature of financing a friend is possible with our scripts. This may be the gift or bonus transferred among the Investors.The range of amount is fixed by the admin.


SEO Friendly

Tech Veeber Hyip Script is built with the latest SEO techniques in mind. Our system is SEO friendly, this means google, yahoo, bing and any other search engine can track your site perfectly. This will allow your site to be listed wisely on the search engines.

Advanced Search

Tech Veeber Hyip Script has advanced search with precise results, which comes with more filters. More the filters you will get more accurate results & it also saves time.



A very beneficial functionality of statistics is available with our HYIP script which holds the entire facts and figures of the website. The advantage of having statistics in a site keeps the user updated of all current information under single roof. It automatically updates the commissions, earnings, deposits, referrals and the fund received and transferred, etc.

Social Tools

Share your Referral link with a wider audience. Tech Veeber Hyip Script comes with an option to connect your referral link to social networking platform that you can use to increase traffic and signup under you.


Referral Program

Our HYIP script promptly generates a unique link for every investors of the site and that is called a referral link. When a user tries to register with this link to the site, a commission will be added to the investor's account as a referral commission and in turn the new user will be registered with a unique link and this continues.


Get the data you want quickly from the main dashboard page and fast access to the most important information.



It allows the users to calculate the actual interest for the plan they choose simply. It also calculates the compound interest if the admin has enabled. With this, the user can determine the profit at the earliest.


A Compounding is the additional interest added to the original interest. It is set by the admin. It adds more profit to the users of the website. This is set when creating the package for the websites.


Log Activity

The logged in report provides information on which members are logged in right now. Various information is included in this report including the user name,Ip address as well as the last time they had activity on the site.


Block IP

This feature allows you to block someone from accessing your site based on their IP address,even if user has the right information. Both administrators and subadmin have the power to blacklist a specific IP address.


Tickets Management

If you want to provide excellent customer service, a ticketing system is mandatory. Tech Veeber Software provide that great service to your customers and you will never lose customer Tickets again.



Tech Veeber Hyip Script allows you to improve your brand recognition by adding a favicon that displays on the browser tab when a website is open from our admin control panel itself.


Two Step Authentication

When you enable this in login process, the person logging in needs secondary password also addition to the correct login credentials. You can even choose to display or hide on user’s login or edit profile etc..


Login and Register Settings

Tech Veeber Hyip Script is equipped with many out-of-the-box enterprise features. There are many different configuration options available under the Login and Register Settings tab to improve customer experience.

Dogecoin Mining

Our Dogecoin Mining Script is is fully Responsive. Dogecoin Mining software has inbuilt features like Package , Calculator , Hash power , Miner Information, Payment system etc.. Now its easy to Start your own Dogecoin Mining Website just in Five minutes.